Teaching and mentoring undergraduate students has been the highlight of my time in graduate school. I have taught a variety of lab courses, and assisted with others. I also have experience with curriculum development, planning/conducting field trips, and guest lecturing. These experiences have been with the following courses:

  • Environmental Challenges and Solutions (for first year non-majors)

  • Geologic Disasters (for first year non-majors)

  • Essential Ecology (for Environmental Science majors)

  • Chemical & Physical Processes in the Atmosphere & Hydrosphere (for Environmental Science majors)

  • Energy, Resources, & Policy (junior-level writing class for Environmental Science majors)

  • Cartographic Representation (for upper level Geography students)

  • GIS for Cartographers (for upper level Geography students)

I have also taken a course on Inclusive Teaching, which informs my strategies and goals as an educator who strives to cater to all people in my classroom.

For details about my teaching experience, please see my CV.

Leading a workshop on climate science for teachers at Sinagua Middle School, February 2019.